Cheap b&b : Bangkok, an other family bedroom

  • Le Petit Siam - Chambre dhotes Bangkok

Bangkok room, a cheap b&b, why?

In fact, the Bangkok guest room is our second family bedroom. Nevertheless, its price softer than the room Phimai allows a family of 3 people to find accommodation at lower cost. In this it deserves the name of cheap b&b. The Bangkok room shares its bathroom and toilet with the Nong Khai room which is on the same floor. It should be noted that these toilets and this bathroom are in 2 separate rooms. You can easily combine the two rooms to accommodate up to 6 people. Indeed the Bangkok room is big enough to accommodate a fourth person. However, we only accept 4 people if the two rooms are rented by the same group so as not to penalize the guests of the Nong Khai room in the bathroom.

Facilities and particularities of this family bedroom

Located on the second floor of the house (without elevator) is a large room of 20 m2, part of which is under eaves.

Furniture of this bed and breakfast.

In this room the range of colors oscillates between red Bordeaux, aubergine and violine. Here again the mix of cultures is in the spotlight. Thus our French dresser rubs a Moroccan sofa, Mutmee fabrics or Thai silk, a Chinese wardrobe, and finally bedside tables from Burkina Faso. Maybe for the small cross-cultural school desk that can be found all over the world, its teak wood betrays its place of birth: Thailand.


  • double bed 1.40 m
  • single bed 90 cm
  • sofa, child's bed
  • extra bed possible for a different bed
  • baby bed possible

TV and Internet:

The room has a flat-screen TV. Moreover, the wifi is accessible in the living room.

Label :

Finally, as other bedrooms, the Bangkok room is labeled by Clévacances

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