Suite of 2 bedrooms for groups or family

Le Petit Siam offers suite of 2 bedrooms consisting of a couple of bedrooms and a private bathroom. This is particularly suitable to receive families, friends or even colleagues. We propose two suites as following:

Couple of bedrooms :  Nong Khai / Bangkok

This first suite of 2 bedrooms consists of the Bangkok and Nong Khai rooms located on the same floor which can be read in the sections “charming room” and “cheap room”. Although it is possible to rent the two rooms separately one can also rent them together. In this case, they form with their bathroom and their landing then privatized a small independent set upstairs. This suite of 2 bedrooms can easily receive 5 people, even 6 people.

For more information on this couple of bedrooms, check out the pages on both Bangkok and Nong Khai rooms.

Couple of bedrooms : Sukhothai / Chiang Mai

2 duplex rooms that can accommodate up to 5 people make up the second suite of bedrooms. Generally occupied by the family, we offer it punctually for renting .. Although each room has an independent access, we have chosen not to rent them to different groups unlike the previous couple. It is nevertheless possible to rent only one of them, the other bedroom then remaining empty; sometimes a family member may be in the second room. In this case you can ask to privatize the bathroom. If it is possible we will be happy to accede to your request.

First room of the couple : Sukhothai room, the elegant
  • LE PETIT SIAM-chambre sukhothai. Panneaux de teck

The walls are entirely upholstered with old teak, giving this room an undeniable elegance. A majestic canopy bed of Korean origin occupies the center of the room.

Second room of the duo: room Chiang Mai, the teenager

The pinball and the bottle collection could give a little air of pub to the Chiang Mai room. But the carpet hanging on the wall, the Chinese wedding cabinet and the Burmese lacquer remind us that we are in Petit Siam.

Facilities and particularities of the couple : Sukhothai – Chiang Mai

The Sukhothai room is on the first floor while the Chiang Mai room is on the second floor on a small private landing. To go from one to the other, one borrows a stone staircase, privative in this part. Finally, the bathroom that has a shower is on the second floor on the landing of the Chiang Mai bedroom.


Sukhothai Room has a king size bed of 180 cm . It is possible to add a baby bed. But it is not possible to add an extra bed in this room.
Chiang Mai Room has a double bed of 140 cm . It is possible to add an extra bed and a baby bed.

TV and internet

The Sukhothai Room has a large flat-screen TV. But there is none in the Chiang Mai room. However Wifi is well accessible in both rooms.

Label of the suite

The Sukhothai – Chiang Mai suite is labeled with 3 keys by Clévacances

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